I’m Björn Jeffery. I’m a Swede, born in London, that lives in San Francisco. I’m the father of two daughters, and the husband of a wife. I like starting new companies and projects. I enjoy complexity as a way of stimulating my mind.

This site is primarily a collection of blog posts that I’ve written in several places over the years. Some were in a business context, and some more on the personal side. I will be continuing to write like this on the site too.

I find the two blend with relative ease given my interests, my expertise, and how they overlap. It was an intentional choice to not separate these two personas since I thought it would be inauthentic and unnecessary. But it undoubtably comes across as slightly less polished. Give it a try.

I run an advisory practice focused on digital strategy and consumer culture.

If you would like to get in touch, you can find me here.