My name is Björn Jeffery. I’m an independent analyst and advisor that runs a practice focused on digital strategy and consumer culture.

I’m also the technology columnist for the Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.

My formal resume is on LinkedIn. These are the areas and concepts that interest me.

I’m a Swede, born in London, and after eight years in San Francisco I now live in Malmö with my wife and two daughters. This website is primarily a collection of my writing on various platforms over the years.

If you would like to get in touch, you can find me here.

Media participation:

Selected articles

The New Yorker – How to Make a Great Kids’ App (English)

Business Insider – Toca Boca CEO Bjorn Jeffery Interviewed by 8-Year-Old (English)

All Things D – Toca Boca CEO Bjorn Jeffery: Adults Don’t Understand How Kids Play (English)

Selected podcasts

Naavik Gaming Podcast – Björn Jeffery: How to Conquer the Kids Market (English)

Loungepodden – Björn Jeffery: Grundare Toca Boca (Swedish)

#Kidtech Episode 14 – Björn Jeffery, former CEO of Toca Boca (English)

Aftonbladet Daily – Elon Musks Twitter (Swedish)

SvD Dagens Story – Därför vill Silicon Valley-kungen stoppa sig själv (Swedish)

SvD Dagens Story – “House of cards” startade lyxiga eran (Swedish)

SvD Dagens Story – Kan hajpade Bluesky på riktigt hota Twitter? (Swedish)

Selected TV

SVT Ekonomibyrån – Bolagens massflykt (Swedish)

SVT Nyheter – Experten: Därför har Truth Social ingen framtid (Swedish)

SVT Nyheter – Därför vill Elon Musk köpa Twitter (Swedish)