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Laughing at Amazon is a mistake

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SvD Näringsliv

This analysis was first published in SvD Näringsliv, in Swedish, on October 29th, 2020. Unintentionally funny translations and poorly rounded prices. But those who base their conclusions on linguistic details have not only misunderstood what type of creature that has landed among the Swedish e-commerce players. They have also underestimated Amazon. “Men’s luggage compartment” instead of boxer shorts. “Waist lamp” instead of panties. Prices stated to the exact penny, and also, not necessarily lower prices […]

The Telco Identity Loop: What Disney+ does for Verizon

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The Daily

May 2015. Tim Armstrong, the CEO of AOL, is on CNBC. He is wearing a navy blazer, no tie, blue shirt. He’s talking fast, and in bursts of excited management speak. He has a lot to be excited about. It has just been announced that Verizon is going to buy AOL for $4.4 billion. This is of course good news for Mr Armstrong. CNBC anchor, Andrew Ross Sorkin, asks him the key question for the […]