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The Curse of the Modus Operandi

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In any business there’s a series of rules to follow. Most of them aren’t explicitly stated, but follow a type of common (business) sense. A general modus operandi (MO) develops. Both as a founder or an employee it’s easiest to stick to this MO. It feels sensible and like it saves time. But by doing so, you are recreating the same issues that these structures have created for all companies before you. To make it […]

The Long Game, and finding your own

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I think you have to choose a management philosophy that fits your personality. Building businesses is harder than an HBR article might imply, and while it is interesting to read how executives do things that doesn’t mean that their experiences would work for you. In that sense, these articles can be quite deceitful. The grass is greener and all that. I have tried to design around who I am as a person, and then complement […]