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Apple exposes the powerlessness of politics

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SvD Näringsliv

This column was first published in SvD Näringsliv, in Swedish, on March 25th, 2021. The EU and the US are currently getting ready to regulate the digital world. But Apple’s latest giant reform shows that the tech giants still rule almost unrestricted in their market, writes Björn Jeffery. Those who waited to hear about the EU and the “game of the digital economy” received an unusually quiet introduction. The microphone did not work for the European […]

“When we draw lines and build walls between people everyone loses”

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I promised a second post about the App Store charts and that is coming. But over the past days it has become clear that standing up this madness can’t wait. I wrote a statement about it at Toca Boca because it goes against so much of what we believe in. Quoted below: From Toca Boca’s founding and forward we have made digital toys for kids all over the world. We intentionally design products that work […]