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About this blog

My name is Björn Jeffery and I work as an internet strategist at the Swedish communication agency Good Old, a company that I own with three colleagues. Also, I am the co-founder of the Swedish styleguide Manolo.se and the music blog Discobelle.net If you want more information about what I’ve done earlier, here’s my LinkedIn.

This blog is about media and internet trends, focusing on my own thoughts and views. I intend to write from a Nordic perspective as that is what I know best. For now, at least.

I’m half English, one quarter Swedish and the last remaining quarter Norweigian. I’m based in Malmö but will be traveling around as much as possible.

To the right you’ll find a few tools that will help you keep track of me. Dopplr will tell you where I’m planing to go, and Jaiku will tell you what I’m doing.

If you want to contact me this is all you need:

Björn Jeffery

Mobile: +46 (0) 70 566 1946

E-mail: bjorn.jeffery[a]goodold.se

AIM / Skype: bjornjeffery

ICQ: 26257126

MSN: bjornjeffery@hotmail.com

GTalk: bjornjeffery@gmail.com

Good Old
Kalendegatan 10
211 35 Malmö

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