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Good Old Trend

A lot of Bonnier in this blog to start off with, but being the size they are it’s difficult to avoid (or I’m just sucking up to them as this Bonnier-owned magazine implied :).

Bonnier Newspapers have invested in HemOnline, a project that lets home-owners sell their house or apartment cheaper than using regular estate agents. The catch is that they have to take care of the viewings themselves.

Johan Larsson at Internetworld implies that this might not be the smartest idea as it the estate agents spend a lot of money on advertising in Bonniers newspapers. He also adds that it on the other hand might be better to be a part of the evolution instead of just fighting it. I agree with the second part.

Certain streams of revenue just won’t be there in the future – deal with it. Look at Craigslist – they made $6 million and $60 million disappeared from the market. It’s always better to try to get a share of what the future market is worth rather than to deny that it will change – and stick with what works at the moment. Of course you can do both at the same time, which is the obvious move to make for all media companies losing advertising by the day.

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