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There’s a been a lot of media and not so much trend in this Good Old Trend blog so far. I’ll try to balance the two a bit more ahead. Lately in life there’s been a lot of work as well, but I guess that’s another story.

Springwise have addressed the issue of workplaces for working men and women on the move. It’s an interesting development and one that I’ve been thinking about myself for a while. Often when I travel I have the need for a calm workplace in order to get a few things done in peace and quiet. Coffeeshops are nice, but calm they are not. There’s a time and a place for both.

The Swedish innovative twins Teo and Fredrik Härén came up with the concept The Business Lounge in 2004, a simliar idea to the ones that Springwise wrote about. They seem to have been ahead of their time some what as I can’t find any reference to the project any more, but I’m fairly convinced that they were on the right track.

Why don’t all airports, train stations or just inner city locations have executive lounges, but without the executives? No fancy cards or 100 000 EuroBonus points to come in or anything like that. Just nicely designed workspaces with good coffee and free Wifi. In days when mobility is more important and prioritised as ever, I’m convinced there is a market for this sort of concept.

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