3 sites I noticed in England

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Good Old Trend

London last weekend was a treat. I met three inspiring women that left my head spinning all through Sunday. I love this travelling life, it’s what keeps me on point I think. I’m already looking forward to going back even if Warsaw or something like that is probably up next.

Just a short post now – three sites that I saw and heard of in London:

A Supermarket-service that delivers food and groceries from Waitrose to your home. If you try it, I recommend the fine Lincolnshire sausages. I wish I could get some of those here in Sweden.

Seems to be the English equivalent to Travellink.se, the .com-address links to them both. Nothing special in my eyes. I searched for London – Hong Kong and found… nothing.

Carbon Neutral
This one sort of speaks for itself. I read several articles about this issue (about time too!) and I reckon this will be become big business everywhere pretty soon.

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