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Good Old Trend

Every now and then I accidentally press the folder in Bloglines, instead of a link. This means that all the unread posts open at the same time, and there is no way of cancelling it either (please fix this Mr Bloglines).

Anyway, every time I do this I have to go through a few hundred posts just to make sure that I don’t miss anything. I guess this is good in some sort of way, at least I get through it. Here’s a round up of a few links that I liked:

Get a group of people to answer questions with SMS.
Should work really well on a local or hyper-local market.

How magazines have shifted to digital publishing – about time too, one might think.

Difficulties that newspapers face while building communites

GeoTagging for WordPress. Thanks!

Online Journalism Awards finalists
– always interesting to see a few newcomers on the list.

Five rules for building a successful online community

Finally, the slightly old Startup Review of MySpace. Anyone working with the internet should have read this.

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