Good Old launches SL island for Sydsvenskan

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Good Old Trend

Today we launched an island in Second Life for the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan. Since the Swedish Embassy announced their plans the Swedish buzz has increased considerably. Consequently, the time was right to enter and start something up.

The island is called Sydsverige which translates to “Southern Sweden”, which is the area of Sweden that Sydsvenskan covers. The plan is to create a place where Swedish people can meet, and create their own projects if they want to. The planning will take place together with the visitors that are interested.

Hype? Yes and no. Being active within digital media today is a hit and miss procedure. Just like in the real world. Good publishers have a failure rate of about 50% on their new magazines. And that’s in a market that they know extremely well.

Today, understanding the change in social behaviour is the most valuable lesson media companies can learn from the new internet. And the best way of learning is participating, listening and discussing. That is why we, and Sydsvenskan, are in Second Life.

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Click this link to get teleported to Sydsverige straight away

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