Conferences / Keynotes 2007

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Conferences / Keynotes 2007

Keynotes during 2007

21-22 MarchKeynote Panel discussion at Webbdagarna. Topic: Marketing within digital media.

27-28 March – Keynote at Citygate Forum together with Anders Olofsson at Sydsvenskan. Topic: Innovative journalism within digital media.

13 April – Keynote for MiM on Four sites you need to understand 2007, at S:t Gertrud Konferens

21 April – Keynote at Hej! 2007. Topic: Old Media vs New Media

9 May – Inspirational talk about Second Life and Virtual Worlds for students in journalism, at Gothenburg University.

21-23 May – Panel discussions and keynote about alternate revenue streams for media companies online, at Innovation Journalism, Stanford University.

25 May – Inspirational talk at Lunds University about the next generation of the internet.

29 May – Keynote at Rotary Malmö, about the next generation of the internet. At Restaurang Årstiderna.

30 May – Keynote at IFRA New Local Media Conference. Virtual Worlds – the next step for newspapers?

31 May – Keynote at Reboot9. Topic: Old Media vs New Media – Information narcissism and the end of having anything in common.

12th of September – Keynote about the Future of E-commerce at Webbdagarna Malmö.

19th of September – Workshop about virtual meetings for Region Skåne.

26nd of September – Presentation at Pecha-Kucha Gothenburg

27th of September – Presentation and panel discussion about Sydsvenskans initiative in Second Life, at Tidningsutgivarna, Örebro.

28th of September – Presentation about the net society for VG Region in Gothenburg.

3rd of October – Workshop about Virtual Worlds, at Ölands Folkhögkola.

1th-5th of October – Guest lecturer in at the Journalism section of the University of Lund

9th of October – Presentation about the net society for Telia in Stockholm.

17th-18th of October – Keynote presentation and acting spin doctor at Designboost, Malmö.

23rd of October – Keynote about the target group of tomorrow, at Media Evolution, Malmö.

24th-25th of October – Keynote presentation about På Näset at New Media Days

7th of November – Presentation about Virtual Worlds at Morgondagens Webbplatser (IBC Euroforum).

15th of November – Keynote about internet currency at Sirus Reklambyrå, in Karlskrona and in Karlshamn.

16th of November – Keynote at VM Data in Göteborg.

19th of November – Keynote about Generation Y, in Åre.

21st of November – Keynote at Public Service Akademin 2007, University of Lund and SVT.

22nd of November – Keynote at TU about the net society and online journalism.

23rd of November – Keynote about internet currency at Studentpress in Europe, at KTH.

27th of November – Keynote about New Media Alchemy, at Disruptive Media Conference.

28th of November – Keynote about the net society for Episerver, in Stockholm.

3rd of December – Keynote about the net society at Region Skåne.

19th of December – Keynote about Generation Y, in Åre.

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