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Good Old Trend

Back in Malmö after two days at Webbdagarna, with quite a few meetings on the side. Not quite as many as I had hoped as I became ill and had to take it easy. I’ll have to get well at the weekend.

Webbdagarna didn’t teach me much as far as knowledge about the internet goes. Fully understandable, as it wasn’t aimed for people like me (and that’s why the Reboot comparison was a bit unfair perhaps).

This being said, I didn’t leave without learning anything. I got a major reality check concerning what level of knowledge mainstream marketers in Sweden have about the internet. It’s low; oh, so low.

I had a similar experience when held a presentation at Citygate Forum 2004 (if you’re a good Googler you’ll find a clip of it with me wearing an absolutely hideous sports jacket!). I spoke about and key points in creating successful youth oriented web sites. No one knew of it. Richard Gatarski spoke about blogs. No one at heard of that either, more or less.

Everywhere I go I hear the same story: “I have a real job, when am I supposed to have time to catch up on what’s happening on the internet?”. My answer to this is: the internet is your job, like it or not. There’s no job on earth that won’t, or can’t, be affected by the internet in some way.

There’s a lot of work to be done, fellow missionaries.

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