Curleys 7 statements about media

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Curleys 7 statements about media

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Quick note from Citygate forum. The picture shows the seven local media strategies from Rob Curley, a man the occurs time and time again in these surroundings. [see the comments for explanation concerning the following:] Apparently his former employers aren’t as convinced by his brilliance as the rest of the world is. He was always out traveling, and it’s arguable that the only brand he was building while talking about the sites was his own.

My presentation went well yesterday, and a got a lot of positive feedback. I did a short case study on how the recent troubles in Copenhagen regarding Ungdomshuset. A few examples on how it was covered in mainstream media, and a few examples on how it could have been done. I was thinking that I might put the slides online, but I’m not sure they are descriptive enough to be of any value. I’ll think about it.

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