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Good Old Trend

Next up – Peter Siljerud from Kairos Future. They recently spent 1000 hours in 16 homes to understand how people consume television today. One of the lessons learnt, according to Siljerud, was that the TV was the modern campfire. This was a fact that Eva Hamilton also mentioned.
Their study showed that 63% of the 16-25 year-olds often, or always, watch television together with others.
The equivalent number for 26-45 year-olds was 44% and 31% for the group 46-64.

And what are the most important factors when it comes to television? Apparently quality, not content, is king. High image- and sound quality was the most important, followed by high content quality and then a large amount of choice regarding the amount of channels. Remarkable! Can this be true? Sounds strange to me.

Kairos also asked a panel of 90 media experts (no disclosure of what’s needed to qualify as an expert) when niche channels would be available for all interests. The median year listed was 2013, and 14% (err, I think) of the experts said that this would never happen.

A lot of stats and listings here, but bare with me – it hard to blog graphics 😉

Then on to the question of mobile tv – on-demand or broadcast? 46% answered that downloading video clips was the was what they wanted. 54% wanted to see regular TV channels broadcasted. The analysis here was that both parts were needed.

This seems to be a really odd way of posing the question I think – why compare video clips in mobile device to regular channels? What about downloading full programmes to your mobile phones instead? I think they completely mixed up content and distribution here. Either that or I misunderstood the presentation of the stats. A lot of things were very unclear here when it came to the posing of the questions, as pointed out by someone in the audience as well.

The picture is from the discussion that followed the presentation. It was entertaining, but no real rocket science was presented.

On another note, I seem to be the only one with a laptop here. That says something in itself.

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