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Good Old Trend

This is not a political blog, but the video clip below is not politics either. It is a profound, and what appears to be sincere, tale of worry about the next few years in America if this coming election doesn’t go the way that it should. It touched me it the same way that this did.

These are rough times. I visited ETRE08 and everyone there was noticeably moved about the current state of affairs (except maybe Tim Draper who sang a different tune, literally). Sure, a few of them worked for investment banks and were probably more worried about their penthouse down-payments more than anything else – but still. Even there, amongst the IT-Davos-esque crowd, something seemed to have changed.

What we need at a time like this is clarity, responsibility and genuine long term thinking. Strategy, if you will. Whether we work for Goldman Sachs, are the former US Secretary of State or – like most people that read this blog – work with the web in some way, it doesn’t matter. We should all address our respective issues with these parameters in mind. I’m glad that a man with such a questionable track record has decided to do so now, at least.

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