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Nokia just announced its new font, Pure and it might be the first step in the turnaround for the mobile giant.


Type matters to Nokia because it’s the “thing” that is front and center for users as they navigate, use and experience Nokia’s devices.

It’s an essential element for usability, but it’s also a significant piece of brand communication.

I wonder if type is something we need to pay more attention to now because it’s the way we navigate the digital space, but also given that so many other large media brands are trying to overlay their type on other brands- think Google and Facebook- do brands need to fight back to own type?

Perhaps they should be more assertive and disciplined and spend time crafting type that they can own- that’s not derivative of everything else around and something that they use to communicate their brand.

Usually, I like Influx and their thoughts a lot. This, however, is ridiculous. Sure – all actions aren’t mutually exclusive – but spending even a second on typefaces when Nokia are in the state they are in is nothing less than irresponsible and denying the obvious.

is it time to think about type? :: Influxinsights

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