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All I care ‘bout is money and the city that I’m from

I realize that I probably shouldn’t dive too deep into the meaning of contemporary R&B lyrics, but this is a thought that has stuck with me for a while.

Since I moved to the US I’ve heard so many people refer to where they are from, and often how proud they are of this. No matter where it is. This is one of the first questions that comes up socially too.

I think it is strange to say that the city where you grew up would be a significant piece of information about anyone. As a matter of fact, you never even influenced that decision at all. Your caregivers chose a place to live, and that’s where you ended up. No more, no less.

A more relevant question would be where you are living currently, as that probably says a lot more about you. I grew up in Gothenburg but left as soon as I could. I imagine growing up there had some sort of effect on me but I could list a hundred things that have had a bigger impact in my life. Choosing to move to Malmö, Stockholm and San Francisco are all three of them on that list.

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