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They easy way out is to look to the greener grass and aspire to run on it. New hires, new money and new partners can be very enticing. Sometimes, in fact dare I say most times, they may even be the best option. However, all too often (myself included), this option is taken too soon or too easily. What if your current employees, your current partners, your current investors and your current co-founders can become the best option you could ever hope for? You’ll never know unless you spend the time and energy “watering the grass” as it where.

’As Long As You Love Me’ says Big Sean and The Biebs (who has a great entrepreneurial story in his own right). They are right. Business is a what-have-you-done-for-me-lately kind of affair. Since the results of the day are often the focus, entrepreneurs can fall in love with a key hire, a new set of investors or a talented marketing executive. They aren’t the answer. There are no silver bullets. Having the right team is everything, but stop to think for a minute — in fact much longer — about what you’ve been thru with who you have. When the going gets tough, the easy way out is to come up with justifiable reasons to move ahead without them. I’m challenging you to think about this long and hard though. The team you have may eventually be the one that provides optimal results for the company.

Don’t be too quick to change them out in the name of greener grass.

Advice from Big Sean and Bieber, sort of.

The Grass Is Greener Where You Water It

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