Whether you tell it or not — the story gets told

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If you don’t tell the story, then a story gets told in its place anyway. Likely a different one than you intended.

A friend and colleague reminded me of this old saying the other day. It is very true in internal business communication, where not communicating sometimes makes the loudest noise. This is easy to forget even if you know that it is the case.

With this in mind, I’m going to start writing more often. If I don’t tell my story, what story is then told in its place?

More than anything else, this seems like a missed opportunity. I like writing since it challenges me in ways that I can avoid too easily when I’m not doing it. It requires an opinion and a take on certain issues that otherwise would have been easier to just let slide. But when doing this, I not only miss out on the feedback — I also don’t expect enough of my own thinking. Publishing makes it official in a different way. I’ve missed that.

So with that — let’s start filling in the blanks of that story.

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