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The fight with Facebook where everyone might lose

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SvD Näringsliv

This column was first published in SvD Näringsliv, in Swedish, on February 22nd, 2021. From having lived in symbiosis – to now being in open conflict. The media companies may have emerged victorious from the first round against the tech giants, but it risks becoming an expensive story that leaves few, if any, winners, writes SvD’s tech analyst Björn Jeffery. “I get it, Facebook is a terrible, terrible company and deserves lots of blame for lots of bad things that […]

15 years and counting

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For over 15 years the newspaper industry has been looking for “the right business model” for digital. Think about how many hours have been spent by bright people at New York Times and all the other fancy places. The smartest people in the industry have been thinking about this for over one and a half decade. And yet they have not found anything that works well enough to even be able to keep their colleagues […]