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Chris Kimber and Ayesha Mohideen held a great presentation about the concept “My BBC Radio”. They took up a lot of ideas, although most of them didn’t seem to have been done yet. So don’t use the points below as an example of the BBC being great (there are other arguments that proves that). I made a few notes that I thought I’d share with you. A bit chopped up I’m afraid, but it will have to do for now.

Chris and Ayesha listed six key points:

Access – anytime, anywhere, anyhow.
* Seven day archive with all the programmes.
* Broadcast through streaming, downloads, podcasts or other.
* BBC bought a tab in MSN Messenger enabling them to listen to radion through that.
* They are looking into putting radio into videogames. An interesting example was showed of an example of a car game playing 1Xtra on the car stereo. Interesting!
* In the UK today you can get mobile phones with DAB-chips in them (through Virgin).

Discovery – content that’s prominent, finable and navigable.
* Lifting out programmes out of the radio station, and sorted them into genres instead. The programmes are linked together and thus making them discoverable. In general they were just looking to find more ways of people finding content.
* Segmenting content to enable more specific finds. At the end of this year there will be a trial of technique called Listen & Label which is listeners that create tags on these segments.
* Musicubes – web-widgets with music streams for use in communities.
* Search through DAB EPG

Enhancement – textual, audial, visual
* Enhancing not only the sound quality, but also work with visual branding, adding information on the music piece, perhaps picture or some trivia.
* Many devices that you use listening to a radio, also have a screen. Not that people watch all the time, but when they do it can enhance the experience.
* An example would be filming a radio recording and adding it as extra material to the radio show.

Extension – beyond the listening experience
* BBC starting page with recommendations and a community feel.
* Permanent link to every radio show to make them bloggable.
* Possibilty to rate every track, buy it, send it to a friend, tag it and use social recommendation.

Participation – before, during and after broadcast
* More about individuals sharing, than the community part
* Every programmes page has aggregated comments, ratings, tags
* BBC launched blogs written by presenters. This is running today.
* Sent audio and video through Second Life in order to get the BBC content and brand out in the spaces where people interact.

Creation – making music, radio and applications
* How to we tap in to the peoples creativity and use it?
* “Making tracks” – a programme for listeners to make music. The winner won a recording by an orchestra.
* Odeo – making podcasts. BBC wants to use this idea to record rants/voice/quetions online for radio shows.
* BBC uses Flickr groups for BBC events
* People make their own BBC mac-widgets

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