New Media Days day 2

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Good Old Trend

New Media Days, day 2. I think the entire DR (Danish Radio and Television) is here, a lot of Danish people in general, but hardly any Swedes? Look at this list of participants to get a feel for it. So much for Øresund.

The general feel of yesterday was that it was good, but not spectacular. Presentations are a good way of getting a general feel for something quickly, but in all honesty nothing that I saw yesterday rocked my world. Unfortunately, I might add. And Johan Boserup, representing OMD Europe, gave the most backwards view of the internet that I’ve heard in a long time. My Danish wasn’t good enough to stand up and let him have it, and somehow I hope that I missunderstood something… There were quotes like “the internet is just a channel like all the others”, “tv viewing hasn’t gone down”, “blogs and social networks will only ever get 5% of the advertising”. I didn’t know whether laugh or cry.

And by the way – Technorati! Thanks for nothing! The whole point of this live web is to listen isn’t it? If that’s the case, you aren’t listening very well to this blog. Only one out of four All posts with the nmd06 tag have turned up on the site.

Update: Seems to be working now. Praying to the Technorati gods was a good call.

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