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Good Old Trend

Just a few newsworthy links from the blogs I went through today. Not all new, but still worth a look.

Revenue sharing entering the video market for real – it’s been there before, but this seems a bit more serious.

Another brand in Second Life – Nissan this time. But everytime it happens the site gains in credibility.

Newspapers are doing badly as usual – apart from The Financial Times.
Vox launches for all of us – and I think they are on point with the structure. Going from hiding everything about yourself to publishing everything about yourself online, the obvious step is to publish some stuff to some chosen people.

It’s always interesting when Sequoia hands out cash – this time it’s to a celeb blog with 20 million monthly page views.

Help with medicine research – by simply leaving your computer on, SETI-style.

Google acquires Jotspot – nuff said!

Interview with a hyperlocal blogger – from this blog. There’s a lot to hyperlocal.

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