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Myron, 27, is a reporter for the Fort Myers News-Press and one of its fleet of mobile journalists, or “mojos.” The mojos have high-tech tools — ThinkPads, digital audio recorders, digital still and video cameras — but no desk, no chair, no nameplate, no land line, no office. They spend their time on the road looking for stories, filing several a day for the newspaper’s Web site, and often for the print edition, too. Their guiding principle: A constantly updated stream of intensely local, fresh Web content — regardless of its traditional news value — is key to building online and newspaper readership.

Finally! A newsroom that realizes that the only way to cover hyperlocal stories, is to participate in the hyperlocal. Start conversations, remember? It works IRL too. And it works with news (even if it was a long time ago journalists left their desks and actually covered news where it happens).

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