In transit, paper makes sense

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Good Old Trend

Over at Vassa Eggen (Swedish only) I find an interesting article about newspapers, other than The Guardian, starting to look at PDF-editions:

One might think a newspaper in PDF format would have only slight appeal, but publishers see real potential. For one, the PDF is highly portable, fit for printing out on short notice, which makes it ideal for people heading into meetings, for example.

And the printed version, at 8.5 by 11 inches, fits easily into briefcases for reading on the train on the way home or folders for filing. And if a printout is lost, another can be done up quickly.

For publishers, there’s no real added cost for PDF editions, in terms of paper and ink and distribution, since it is delivered by email. And it offers yet another means of reaching readers and providing advertisers exposure.

Using the time spent in transit is important. And when newspapers deliver the right material the right way, people want it. Get with the programme old timers.

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