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Good Old Trend

Catching up on some reading while preparing for a column that I’m writing for Internetworld. A lot of these links aren’t new, but they are definitely worth reading still the same.

Tristan Louis, once employed by, lists accurate and interesting points as to why the return of the e-commerce giant makes more sense than ever.

Org 2.0 – the 59 smartest nonprofit organizations online today. I love when well-willing organizations use new technology to enhance their methods.

“VC: So tell me, what’s your go to market strategy?
Entrepreneur: We are going to target bloggers, because they are early adopters.
* This was an insightful answer in 2003.
* It was an adequate first step in early 2005.
* But it is meaningless in 2007.

Top 5 Wi-Fi toys at home
. As Tog once said at a seminar in Copenhagen that I attended: look at what the nerds are playing with, and then make something useful using the same ideas. Wi-Fi enabled stuff is going to be big this year.

RSS turning mainstream as it becomes easier to track updates than checking back to the site.

Finally, a short interview with me and six other Europeans about the importance of an academic degree. Not at all, is my short answer.

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