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Good Old Trend

Tomorrow David and I will be hosting the first Likemind-event in Malmö, Sweden. If you like the sound of it, turn up at 9 am at Solde Kaffebar and join us for coffee.

And if you haven’t quite understood what it’s all about, I’ve (also) borrowed a description from Piers:

* You just turn up.

* You don’t have to turn up at 8. You can come sometime between 8 and 10 (or 9 and 11 if your city dictates). And you can go whenever.

* You can do anything for a job. By being so early, it normally means that you do something for a living, but even that’s not altogether necessary either.

* You buy your own coffee and tea, bagels and toast. Although, the longer this runs, we’re not adverse to some nice company offering to cover the cost of coffee across all Likeminds.

* There maybe a Likemind night event but it will be less chatty, more talky. In order to do this we need venues that can hold people. If anyone wants to volunteer something… 🙂

* Two people host Likemind, always. This means if no one else turns up, the hosts have someone to talk to. You can offer to run a Likemind in your city by leaving your details here.

* You have to wear a name badge. Yeah, everyone cringes at first but once you put it on – just see the effect. Wow.

See you there!

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