Primelabs to launch new ping site soon

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Good Old Trend

The Swedish newspaper DN launched a new addition to their site today; the blog perspective, if you like. Basically it is the same idea that the Washington Post have done with Technorati for ages, but it’s an excellent initiative still the same (look at this article to get the picture).

DNs partner is the Linköping/Stockholm-based company Primelabs, with their product Twingly. The idea is to listen to bloggers and give them an incentive to link to DN rather than other newspapers, as they then get rewarded with a link back to their blog. Also, readers of the paper can follow the discussion as it continues out in the blog world.

In order to do this, Twingly must find these blogs. Today they have 12 000 Swedish blogs tracked, and CEO Martin Källström told me that they will launch their own ping site (referred to here) within a week or so in order to get a direct feed to the participating sites. Interesting! And worth following closely. Also, DNs main competitor SvD started using trackbacks on some of their articles yesterday.

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