MySpace stops all external widgets

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Good Old Trend

User-generated haven MySpace recently made the bold move to stop Widgets from running on user pages. Users were adding widgets to their gaudy pages to play songs, videos, the weather. A few weeks ago, MySpace decided to block all widgets that weren’t MySpace widgets – maybe as a step towards commercializing the content on the user generated pages.


Feeding the MySpace beast obviously doesn’t apply any more. I can understand that MySpace don’t like the leeching, but their success had never become as great if it wasn’t for all the add-ons.

I think it’s a mistake to throw them out. Users both know and like and Photobucket – making them switch to MySpace clone services won’t be an obvious step for everyone. Providing an arena for users to create and interact is great, but don’t dictate how they should be doing it.

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