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It seems like everyday is workshop day lately, and those that aren´t go towards preparing presentations. Not a lot of blogging either, but last week wasn’t very newsworthy anyway.

Plans for this week at Good Old:

* Victor, our intern, is helping us make the first OpenStreetMap of Malmö. I’ll keep you posted on the progress there. We’ve got a few cool ideas concerning mapping and our neighbourhood.

* Likemind Malmö at Solde Kaffebar this Friday, 9 am. Be there! Also, on the other side of Øresund, it’s the première of Likemind Copenhagen hosted by Casper.

* Good Old will also be hosting the first Geek Meet Malmö. Not entirely sure what date yet, but pretty soon I hope.

* Two presentations as well, one at Sydsvenskan and one at Studentlitteratur.

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