OpenStreetMap from an interns point of view

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Good Old Trend

* Victor has written about his first OSM experiences over in our Good Old Office blog – good stuff! It’s working really well, I’ll add a link as soon as the first part is done.

* Likemind tomorrow, both in Malmö, Stockholm and Copenhagen.

* My keynote at Webbdagarna got cancelled as new sponsors entered the project. I understand that these conferences are commercial and need to cash in when they can, but it’s a difficult balance between the amount of bought presentations and the ones purely aimed for the audience. The moment the conference programme looks like 25 sales pitches, you’re in trouble. This is not the case this time, but still. Just sayin’. I’m going to be part of a panel discussion with former minister of infrastructure Ulrica Messing instead, which should be fun.

* I’m joining the newly started Swedish web network iFramkant as well. Looking forward to being a part of it.

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