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I met Kristina Dryza the first time in January last year, as a part of a Breaking Trends project that she was working with. Ever since, I’ve been waiting to see what she would be doing once she started running her own projects, Skinny Corp-style. The first one, KR LT Studio, is now out, and the concept is really interesting.

KR LT Studio starts out with the notion of personal space, which in itself is an interesting concept. Being able to create your own time and space within situations which might otherwise be deemed as the ordinary. For instance, being at home is more than just not being anywhere else – it is an opportunity to cherish these moments. Totally anti-stress and all about experiences. I think this is something that will catch on fast, in many different shapes and forms. I wrote about a similar idea over at David Report a while back.

For these occasions, the studio has produced special robes intended to be worn at home by women wanting to explore their own personal space. The collection called Inner Space consists of seven different robes, handmade in Lithuania by artists who have been in the trade for generations. Needless to say, this is about as far from Juicy Couture as you can get. There is a story and a feeling here. Go check it out yourself.

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