And it only took 70 years

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70 years with television and suddenly the TV channels gets how people watch it. Using several channels, not just the one that they happen to own.

It started this summer with Schibsted´s acquisition of, a fairly basic site that lists what television programmes are on. Following this, both TV4 and Kanal5 decided to take on a new approach to what a television site could, and should, contain. Information about television – no matter what channel or torrent tracker it may be on.

Check the screen shot above – Kanal5s top story is about the rivalling channel SVT. TV4´s TVplaneten lists SVT1, SVT2 and TV3 before their own channels. Just like they should.

People that are interested in TV are interested in good programmes. Where these programmes are shown is secondary. Imagine that it only took 70 years to work that one out.

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