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Now this is normally not a blog that covers too much news, but this was to interesting to pass on. At Techcrunch 40, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, announced that they will be starting a fund to support Facebook developers. The sum of money will range from $25 000-$250 000 and the only condition so far is that it is spent on developing their company within Facebook.

IMHO, this is a brilliant idea. When I held my presentation at Stanford I spoke of eight types of internet currency. Money was the last one, and Revver´s rev-sharing was my example then. Paying for content or action is somehow the final incentive as it is the most common form of it outside the internet (salary).

Setting up a fund that supports developers is just a nicer and more interesting way of doing that. Also, the buzz around each payout could become the same as major VCs investing in startups. This is a truly intelligent initiative.

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