Like electricity for the industry

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Good Old Trend

Without going into lengthy detail about it, there has been a lot of rumblings about laws and restrictions in Sweden lately. I can only add my thoughts on why issues of this kind are turning up more and more often.

I think it’s simply a fact of people not understanding the internet.

The internet has been an intricate part of many peoples lives for a long time. Now, we seem to have reached some sort of tipping point where it can’t be ignored in any social circles any more. People always fear want they don’t understand. This is no different.

Perhaps us living online have been bad at communicating outside our own? It’s considerably easier to complain when people don’t understand than to try and make them understand in the first place. That being said, not understanding is no excuse to be ignorant.

Imagine having a discussion about the industrial revolution and not understanding the concept of electricity.

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