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Good Old Trend

I never thought I’d be impressed by Ace of Base, but I must say they’re on to something. It’s refreshing to hear a major band move away from the traditional business model in order to make more money – not less.

Far too often in surroundings like this, people drop buzzwords like it’s social media bingo. They do it because that’s what people want to hear. And there is a belief that just using social software or adding social functionality will make a big difference in what ever business they are in. This is obviously not the case, but it makes all of us within the bubble feel good.

This type of reasoning will never convince anyone in traditional business. That’s why we need Ace of Base-type of arguments. We’re letting people be a part of our product because it will make us more money. That why. It may be interesting, it may be in line with the trends, but we’re doing it for cash.

Next year will be all about this type of reasoning. Not only in the music business, but overall. That might be one of the few things that are good about this whole state of affairs.

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