2019 without review

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Years in review

Similarly to last year, I will not be writing a summary of 2019. Sharing less over the year has been surprisingly liberating. For me, it has forced more deliberate attention to a few selected things instead. My writing, for instance.

That being said, I do often get asked what I do all day. I tend to answer “surprisingly little” which is somewhat correct but mostly an unexpected way of answering an expected question.

A more serious answer would be that I’m an independent advisor and analyst. Throughout 2019, I’ve worked with companies in Canada, China, Denmark, England, Germany, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan, and the United States. I’m very grateful for having the opportunity to have such a varied day to day life.

I have also written a little more often – and longer – than before. Here’s a summary of the articles I wrote this year:

Telecom & Media

Kids Media

Strategy & Business

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Thanks for reading, and for reaching out with your thoughts and comments over the year that passed. See you in 2020.

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