2018 without review

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Years in review

For the last seven years, I have written an annual review of the year that past. It’s been a summary of what I’ve done, music I’ve listened to, places I’ve visited and so forth.

I won’t be doing that this year. During 2018 I’ve found myself wanting to share less in public forums. I feel distinctly different about it now compared to previous years. Sometimes it feels like I’m contributing to a bigger whole that I don’t agree with, and don’t want to encourage. Taking a slight step back has been unexpectedly liberating. Which in turn has posed more questions around how I’ve been using these channels before.

What I’ll be looking for in the new year are ways to increase the serendipity that the social sharing has offered. I’m not sure turning things off completely is the way to go. Perhaps it’s rather to change the way I use and think about them. Or find other tools that can help. I still miss Dopplr that helped with the serendipity of travel, for instance. There’s room for innovation in this space.

Onwards to 2019 then. I’m curious to see how I feel about this at the end of it.

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