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Along side my practice, I have spent the past few months working together with a great team to create a new type of product in the mental health space. Since I spent seven years working with kids, it seemed only right that I should work with parents this time around.

The app is called Enjo, and we are launching today.

Enjo offers instant emotional support to parents. It does that by helping you reflect on the positive – and often overlooked – parts of your life as a parent. And then it listens, learns, and can help you change perspective and feel better when you’re feeling down. The best part is that it actually works. The predecessor that Enjo is based on has a published scientific study that shows that using it for just two weeks can lead to a 24% reduction in stress. Quite something.

If you’re parent, please try it out. Give it a few days and see what it can do for you. Enjo is free and available on the App Store now.

Edit: As of April 2019, Enjo was acquired by the healthcare platform KRY/LIVI.

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