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You get known for what you have done; rarely for what you would like to do. This is a problem because it captures people in an incorrect assumption: that they would like to do – and would be best at – continuing to do exactly what they did before. This is often wrong.

Expertise and capability is in the eye of the beholder, so this is a tricky thing to adjust. But many years ago I listened to a talk from a CTO at a startup that said something like “I try to book a talk about a certain type of tech that I like, and then about six months later I often get contacted about a project involving that very thing“. It makes sense. If no one knows what you are interested in, they are also unlikely to contact you about it. But since no one is going to talks at the moment, I decided to just write these things down instead.

The result is this list of areas and concepts that I’m interested in. It is brief and to the point, and my idea is that I’ll update it when new things come up. I’m also thinking that it can be a place to refer to when people contact me and would like to do something together. Finding common ground in terms of interests is a good start.

What are you interested in? Take a look at my list, and please get in touch if there’s an overlap somewhere.

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