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For being a semi-corporate blog, I rarely write about what I actually work with. Those of you that follow my Jaiku get the picture, but hardly any results. I thought I’d just quickly mention two projects that I have been involved with lately.

If anyone has missed it, I work as an internet strategist at a communication agency called Good Old. We work with both strategy and production within digital media, focusing mainly on media companies at the moment.

The first project I thought I’d mention is the new supplement Fredag for the daily newspaper Corren. I worked together with Anna Lindberg in shaping the concept, focusing on how to get closer to the student community and involve the readers on an editorial level. The result landed on my desk a few days ago and turned out really well. An unusually non-digital project, but there you go. We had loads of ideas for web and mobile as well, but they had to wait for a while. (and if my E70 wasn’t so troublesome you would have had a few pictures as well)

The other project is for Sydsvenskan, a daily newspaper here in Malmö. I assisted in developing a tv-concept around Margret Atladottir that was recruited from a competitor. The first test show has aired and can be seen here. It’s going to take a while to find the exact right approach, but I’m convinced this will be one of the most popular features of the site pretty soon.

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