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Good Old Trend

Okay, so we changed our minds. We’re not selling Good Old. I think it was a good exercise to think about it though, as it forced us to look at our company differently. I saw a company culture forming that I didn’t want to interrupt. Sales figures that were going better than ever. Interesting people wanting to work with us. All in all it felt as if we should continue riding this train as far as it takes us.

I’ve been thinking a lot about talent lately. On how to attract talented people and how to create an environment where they would like to work. Perhaps this is a subject that I’ll come back to during the autumn. At the moment I’m ill and sitting in my sofa feeling sorry for myself, and my brain isn’t quite working the way it should be. It just wanted you to know that the last post wasn’t the end of this blog, so keep that RSS-feed in your reader plz. TTYL.

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