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It’s now been five months since I started my new practice. So, what have I actually been doing?

Firstly, it’s been amazing to be free to pursue new opportunities and ideas again. I do my best work when I get into this flow. I can filter incoming things and seek out areas where I want to go without hinderances. Secondly, this newly found freedom has allowed me a much more flexible work style which has been really great for the family at large. No looking back, in other words!

Here’s a selection of projects that I’ve worked on since April:

  • I did a mobile audit for a New York-based e-commerce company. Did an assessment of all mobile products, and suggested a realignment of strategy and focus going forward.
  • I worked on a new monetization strategy for a kids product based in the Middle East. Understanding the complexities and specifics of those markets was super interesting.
  • I hosted a strategy workshop for a German cable channel. Together we aligned what strengths to build upon for a new digital offering.
  • I’m continuously working with a large kids company that is looking to enter the digital space in a more long-term and strategic manner than before. This is a transformational journey with a very strong foundation to build upon.
  • I presented market trends and a competitive analysis from the Nordic media market, for a client in Finland.
  • I evaluated and wrote a report on a gaming related investment opportunity for a large strategic player.
  • I’m a regular contributor to the media show “Fönster mot medievärlden” on SVT (Swedish National Television), where I comment on tech and media from a Silicon Valley perspective.

There are a few other things that I can’t get into at the moment, but hopefully more on that soon! If you think I can help you in some way, take a look here and please get in touch.

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